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The North Carolina Railroad Company (NCRR) corridor includes the Norfolk Southern and CSX railroad tracks between NE Maynard Road in Cary and Gorman Street in Raleigh. The project study area is shown below. Click on the map for a more detailed PDF. 



This study includes six existing roads that cross the railroad at-grade:

  • NE Maynard Road (Cary)
  • Trinity Road (Cary)
  • Nowell Road (Raleigh)
  • Powell Drive (Raleigh)
  • Beryl Road (Raleigh)
  • Royal Street (Raleigh)

 New road extensions were also considered across the railroad, including some shown on approved local plans (listed below) and other potential north-south crossings:

  • Edwards Mill Road extension
  • Corporate Center Boulevard extension
  • Jones Franklin Street extension

This study does not include Blue Ridge Road. That crossing was recently studied and, through a separate project, will depress Blue Ridge Road and construct a railroad bridge over the road. For more information look at the Blue Ridge Road District Study.

Based on the draft Wake County Transit plan and a draft commuter rail study by NCRR, a potential commuter rail station was considered at the Corporate Center Drive extension crossing. Other transit station locations have not yet been identified. This study does not limit future addition of a transit stop or station at any of the crossings.

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